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Fantasia’s “Without Me” Official Music Video

I do believe I just found my 2013 summer jam, and it’s called “Without Me.”

And as hard as you try to hide reality
Why? We know the truth
So act brand new if you want to
What would you be, without me?

Featuring the gorgeous and talented Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland, “Without Me” is the fifth track off of (the equally gorgeous and talented) Fantasia’s latest album, Side Effects Of You. It’s got a slow yet danceable beat, the chorus is catchy as hell, and all three women absolutely kill their respective parts of the song.

The music video showcases a lot of very pretty lens flare and nightclub scenery, along with some dance moves that I’ll probably be trying (and failing) to emulate the next time I’m in a partying mood. Definitely check out both the song and the video, because this just might be your 2013 summer jam as well!

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Love it? Like it? Hate it (I don’t quite see how that’s possible, but that’s just my fangirling opinion talking)? Hit the comments to let me know what you think of the song/Fantasia’s new album!