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‘Community’ Is Sort of Losing Donald Glover

community donald glover

Well, it looks like Community’s fifth season will be even more different than originally thought, now that we know Donald Glover – in order to focus on his music career – won’t be returning as a series regular.

Last year, we got new show runners. Then, we learned at the end of the season that Chevy Chase, who had a tumultuous history with original creator Dan Harmon, wouldn’t be around for season five. Then we found out that Harmon was back on board as the main creative force of the series for the upcoming 13 episode season.

However, apparently we fans aren’t allowed to only have goods things happen to the show. While many Community watchers were completely fine with Pierce riding off into the sunset with a well-earned Greendale degree safely tucked away in his pocket, news that Glover will only be back for five episodes surely won’t be well-received.

Pierce’s exit felt natural. Chase was barely used by the writers by the time he quit, and when he wasn’t a glorified background character, he was almost exclusively the butt of old man jokes. Glover’s exit will definitely change up the formula since he was so integral to making the show work – especially through his friendship with Abed (Danny Pudi).

More and more, it’s looking like Community will be coming back a very different show than it was for the first three seasons (I don’t count season four since Harmon had nothing to do with it) – and based on the ratings of years past, this could well be the final season of the show, for better or worse.

What do you think of this new development? Is it a bigger deal than Chase leaving? Hit the comments and openly weep with us!