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Music Appreciation: Caught a Ghost

Photo: Jamie Delaney

Photo: Jamie Delaney

I’ve been watching a lot of Suits lately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed based on the multitudes of articles I’ve been putting out about it (or maybe you haven’t noticed at all, which means you’re not paying enough attention to me). In that time, I’ve noticed something rather important: Suits has some pretty damn good music.

While I could choose just about any band featured on the show to talk about today, I decided on Caught a Ghost, because, well, that’s the band that I’ve had on repeat for a good part of the day.

It’s kind of hard to pin down just one genre that the music falls into, so I think I’ll let the band explain it:

A modern take on blue eyed soul, the tracks feature elements of classic motown and stax volt compositions with influences from dubstep, 90s rap, and contemporary electronica. – from Caught a Ghost’s Facebook

Let’s take a look at my two favorite songs, “Time Go” and “Hold Out.”

Time Go

It’s movin’ underneath me
Like I’m moving in slow-motion
I reach out though
it passes too quick to see me

It’s no secret that I like eerie music, and this video takes “eerie” to a whole new level. I’m digging the dark aspect.

Hold Out

You can wear your heart out,
Or you can wear your heart out on your sleeve
You can try to hold out
Or you can try to hold out your hands with me!

After I’ve gotten myself suitably depressed with “Time Go,” I like to switch Google Chrome tabs and listen to this little ray of sunshine. Isn’t it peppy and awesome? Plus, there’s dancing and wet willies.

Do you enjoy Caught a Ghost? Is anyone else slowly getting more and more addicted to Suits as more episodes air?