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“CandyLand” Web Series Review

“CandyLand”, a webseries by Damian Horan, Ali Scher & Win Bates, is an off-beat, satirical comedy featuring the toddlers of the Pacific Palisades Palace (preschool of choice for the über-wealthy socially elite of Southern California.) If you want your toddler enrolled, make sure her shoes are Gucci, her backpack is Louis Vuitton, and her survival instincts are razor-sharp.

Set in a world drenched in unrestrained wealth and melodrama, “Candyland” is a place where play dates are “penciled in,” juice boxes have vintages, and recess is a social war-zone!

A contemporary 90210 with twice the unneccesary drama, characters one-third the age and a new girl who wants to fit in no matter what the cost. [Official Synopsis]

HBO Canada’s comedy series The Yard parodied crime shows like The Sopranos by depicting the mob-enforced rules of elementary school children on the playground. Much like the shows they were paying tribute to, The Yard interwove some darker elements to its otherwise comedic portrayal of a kid mobster dealing in lunch money and junk food. (It may remind you of a live-action version of Recess.)

Similarly, the Web series CandyLand parodies teen soap operas like 90210 or Dawson’s Creek by using children instead of teenagers. One character’s description even reads “Luke Perry and Ben McKenzie wrapped into one,” and his adorable, smoldering looks will certainly attest to that.

CandyLand appears to take some inspiration from beauty pageant reality show Toddlers & Tiaras, as well. Mean girl Lucy (Tatum Hentemann), every bit of the high school queen bee, and her henchwomen known as The Bethanies (Gracie Hall and Mma-Syrai Alek) are perpetually dressed in pink dresses and feather boas. These three bring the most humor to the series.

Each episode is roughly 5 minutes long. It starts out how you would expect – innocent new girl à la Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls – but the series gets progressively better as it moves along. So far, there have been 6 episodes.

The novelty of the series largely relies on hearing squeaky-voiced preschool-aged kids talking like they just came off the set of Cruel Intentions, but CandyLand’s greatest strength is their actors. These kids are actually quite good, and the costumes certainly make up for any shortcomings.

CandyLand is an entertaining Web series, and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already – especially if you’re feeling nostalgic for those ’90s to early 2000’s teen soaps.

To check out more episodes, go here. The latest two episodes might be my all-time favorites (so far):