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Graceland 1×07 “Goodbye High” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the newest episode of Graceland.


Ready for the top eight moments from this week’s Graceland? Let’s take a look at “Goodbye High”!

1. Jangles

Mike has followed Briggs to his Narcotics Anonymous meeting and gets to watch Briggs explain his feelings about being high. Afterward, Briggs tells Mike how he came to be a recovering drug addict. It all starts with a creepy dude named Jangles. Seriously.

Apparently, Briggs was undercover when a body came into the morgue at the FBI. It’s cut up into tiny bits and its identified as Jimmy Call, a guy who was trying to become a distributor for the Caza cartel. A

fter this, Briggs is pulled off his assignment, because thinks he’s going to be next. We also meet Briggs’ training officer, Humberto, who’s in so deep with the cartel they consider him family.

2. In Mexico

Briggs doesn’t let that stop him from going down to Mexico, however. One of his CIs has set up a meeting with the leader of the cartel. Instead, Briggs is ambushed and taken into the desert, where he’s confronted by Jangles (who is really just a Boogeyman-like figure with a loud set of car keys).

They don’t kill him, but get him addicted to heroin and send him on his way.

3. Mike Gets His Emotions Mixed Up

Mike meets with Bello, who is using fake heroin (I missed what it was called) that mimics the feeling and taste of the real thing, but is more likely to kill a person. When Mike tells him this will make him look weak, Bello gets pissed off and blames Mike for needing to use it in the first place (after the torpedo incident in last week’s episode).

After that, Mike meets up with Abby, who takes a picture with Mike. Johnny and Paige see this and steal her phone, telling Mike he needs to break up with her, because he’s starting to care too much. See, what he needs to do is be mean to Abby and nice to Bello. Silly MIke.



4. Jakes Has a Kid

Finally, Jakes is back on the show. He’s taken down a ring that is using toy robots to smuggle drugs. Since the drugs have been turned in, the bots are up for grabs, and he gets the idea from Johnny (who asks about giving one to his nephew) to mosey on over to his ex’s house and bribe his son.

Yup, Jakes has a kid, and Mom is mad because Jakes chose his work over a family. Now she won’t let Jakes see the kid, which Jakes is having trouble accepting.

Jakes finds the kid’s step-dad at a bar and chats him up, creepily (or depressingly, whatever) getting info about the boy. Later on, he tell Mike not to break up with Abby if he’s serious about her.

5. Drug Kingpin Super Trinity Power Up

All those various drug smuggler names that have been thrown around since the beginning of the show (Odin, Bello, Caza cartel) are starting to come together. In an effort to take people down, Mike and Briggs come up with a plan.

Mike will convince Bello (who seems to cave to Mike’s opinion an awful lot) to get a new shipment of heroin from Odin instead of the cartel. Briggs will accomplish this by using his Bello persona to get anyone who knows Odin to set up a meeting.

6. Charlie Comes Clean

When Charlie finds out the apartment she recovered at is actually one Briggs has been keeping from the others, she chooses to come clean to the whole house about what she did. Everyone is rightfully shocked, and Mike asks her if she has any more drugs on her that she needs taken away.

She doesn’t, but now she suspects Briggs is up to something, since it’s becoming increasingly likely that he had those drugs on hand,and did not get them from a CI. Briggs is pissed. He acts like he’s mad that she’s burdening the house with having to lie to the higher ups, but it definitely goes deeper than that.



7. Mike the Snitch

Mike does his job and goes to his FBI contact with the info he now has about Briggs, suggesting that Briggs needs help kicking his habit instead of punishment. While the guy seems to believe him, MIke probably shouldn’t be trusting him.

I don’t care how trustworthy the guy seems after he gave Mike a framed picture of one of Mike’s grandpa’s classified crime scene photos (morbid, framed, wrapped, and all – dude’s got a crush), his words of encouragement seemed awfully fake.

8. Bombshells! Secrets! Draaaaaaama!

Everyone is ready for the meet up between Odin and Bello. Briggs is in place on the pier when Bello shows up, but it looks like Odin is a no show. “Conveniently,” Briggs’ communicator watch bugs out and the guys monitoring lose the connection.

During this time, Briggs fills Bello in on the truth: the lawman is Odin, has been all along – and it looks like all the drugs that have been going missing are in fact being used to start a drug ring of his own.


This was a pretty good episode. It’s nice to see all these different factors that have been bubbling just below the show’s surface since the pilot come together. Before tonight, I had expected all these loose names and gangs to stay separate story lines, to just be names that are dropped in every episode to create a semblance of continuity.

So, I’m pleasantly surprised that the show seems to be building to a lot more of a confrontation than I ever expected. There was some great tension in that last pier-set scene.

Really, the only letdown in this installment was Mike’s personal life. Abby isn’t interesting and the writing just isn’t strong enough to suggest that he has the kind of connection to her the writers are pushing for.

Rating: A-

What did you think of this episode?