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Graceland 1×05 “O-Mouth” Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers form the most recent episode of Graceland.


Another week, another episode of Graceland. Here are the eight best moments of “O-Face”!

1. Getting Cozy in the House

We open with Mike (Aaron Tveit) hanging out on the beach with Johnny (Manny Montana) and Paige (Serinda Swan). Everything is seemingly fine and dandy (he even gets a personal view of fake heroin “o-face” practice) until he needs to meet with his supervisor at the FBI (Pedro Pascal).

Seeing as how Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) has proven he’s nothing but a great guy and agent, Mike insists that it’s time he knows what exactly Briggs is under investigation for. Mike gets his wish, because the next time he meets up with Badillo, he learns that Briggs’ heroin seizure reports are coming in way under what they’re expected to.

2. Heroin House of Secrets

Briggs and Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) go undercover as one of their first aliases (different first names and all). They’re trying to buddy up to an old acquaintance to get to his boss, Odin Rossi. Everything is going great – except for the skeezy flirting on Charlie’s end – until Charlie’s old informant Whistler shows up.

In order to keep from getting caught, Charlie and Briggs pretend to make out on the couch. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Paige, who’s across the street monitoring them with Johnny, has just learned that the pair had hooked up once.

3. Mike’s Metaphorical House of Secrets

While at the bar with Johnny, Mike meets up with Abby (Jenn Proske). Since she still hasn’t gotten a  cover story about his job, Johnny lies and says he’s a pilot. Naturally, she wants to hear all about it, but Mike gets lucky with a distraction from Graceland’s faithful beach dog.

She decides to take him in for a vet visit, which sends up red flags back at the house, leaving Mike annoyed about jokes with domestication punch lines. Mike also meets up with Bello’s men, who he’s still fake training. Bello seems to be getting impatient, though. Briggs suggests Mike get to know him better so he can become the boss’ new right hand man.

4. Whistler Lies

Charlie, concerned about her case and her old CI, meets up with Whistler and strolls the boardwalk with him. While he insists he’s clean (as he tries on clothes she’s going to buy for him) she sees track marks and knows it’s a lie. However, his general erratic disposition proves that he’s not going to hurt her case in any way.

5. Pay-Per-View Hotel Sex

Johnny comes clean to Briggs and Charlie about the bet he and Paige made (one week: if they do it, Paige wins) so he tries to convince the pair to keep their hands off each other. Holed up in a hotel room waiting for Rossi, this proves harder than it sounds. When Johnny spooks the guy – he won’t go through with a meeting if he doesn’t recognize the valet attendant – Briggs and Charlie almost help Paige win the bet. However, they stop and use some on-demand porn to convince Johnny they did it.

6. Most Awkward Man Date Ever

In an effort to get in good with Bello, Mike tells him the truth about his men (that only one is doing a worthwhile job so far). Impressed by the honesty – and Mike’s line-dropping an old western movie quote – they go to Best Buy. Bello picks out a movie for Mike to watch, and when a store attendant is comically hostile, Mike kicks his ass.

Back at Bello’s house, they watch the movie and get weirdly chummy (kiss, kiss! just kidding!) up until Bello takes a phone call. Mike uses this chance to search the boss’ stuff. Later, Mike asks to be Bello’s bodyguard and he accepts. Mike takes the intel he got from Bello’s work calendar (the phrase “Bigfoot”) to Briggs, who tells him it’s slang for a Mexican cartel submarine smuggling operation.


7. BD is Free

Abby returns the Beach Dog to his rightful surf-side home and he runs free. Mike returns to the beach house triumphant – proving to Johnny and Paige that Abby isn’t trying to turn him into husband material. However, they were screwing with him the whole time.

8. Back at the Meth House

Charlie gets Whistler to talk them up to Odin’s lackey, and they finally get an in. However, when they get to the house, Whistler has overdosed and died in the bathroom. Q, Odin’s worker, asks them to try his personal heroin, in order to prove that they aren’t cops (he’s suspicious about how badly Whistler wanted the meet to happen) and Charlie goes through with it, obviously heartbroken over what’s happened to Whistler.


Well, that was an excellent episode. The cases seemed to be more fine-tuned this week, which was nice. Mike, Briggs, and particularly Charlie got some real nice moments to play with. However, that meant that Paige and Johnny were barely used, and I don’t think Jakes showed up at all. But still, the cases were solid and I particularly enjoyed the interaction between Mike and Bello, who, up until this point, I didn’t have any positive or negative feelings for.

Rating: A-

Here’s the preview for next week: