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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: “Fireflies”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Teen Wolf.

Here we are again. Another night has sprung, and our television screens have been graced with a new episode of Teen Wolf. Shall we comb through the ten little memorable nuggets that is “Fireflies”?

1. Firefly Fake-Out: At first I thought we were starting off with a flashback, and I was semi-disappointed at the momentum shift. Then, of course, wolfed-out Boyd (Sinqua Walls) pops out of the trees and goes in for the kill. For a second there, I totally expected Teen Wolf to “go there” and have extremely harsh consequences to freeing the rabid wolves. But nope, Boyd gets distracted by fireflies of all things, allowing a previously unseen Scott (Tyler Posey) to save the day. I’m kind of glad this show won’t be getting so dark that it starts killing off random kids, even if I don’t normally like their tiny, four-foot-nothing kind.


2. Poor, Sweet Lydia: Okay, this girl should know by now not to go outside alone at night. Actually, with the amount of unfair shit that’s been slung at her, Lydia (Holland Roden) should never go anywhere at any time of day, no matter the size of her entourage. As usual, in typical Lydia fashion, not only does she find a bloody corpse, she manages to discover a dummy first. What makes finding a dead body even more disturbing? Finding a creepy dummy along with the body. At least it wasn’t dressed as a clown, or one of those old porcelain dolls that weird serial killers collect.

3. Lesbians: Okay, so the first episode of the season we had dive-bombing birds, this week we have moving carpets of bugs. These animals should really get used to having Alphas in town (or maybe ghosts, if that’s what’s got them going) and stop going all apeshit over it. Well, anyway, the animals are acting particularly crazy, and a lesbian couple (props to MTV for that) camping in the woods fall victim. Not only that, but while taking one of their statements, Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby) uses pronouns that suggest he knows more about the supernatural world than he’d like to admit. Drama!


4. Scott the Manipulative Shit: So, when Scott tries to get Allison’s daddy (J.R. Bourne) to help them track Boyd and Cora (Adelaide Kane), he says no – that he can’t handle it after watching his daughter get brainwashed. Scott, who’s been doing all that reading (ephemeral, The Call of the Wild, and such) is no longer capable of taking no for an answer. No, this is a new, much more resourceful, and much less dumbass Scott. This is a Scott that will fearlessly ask Daddy Argent for a ride to a crime scene with dead bodies that Lydia has discovered so that the former hunter will get his sweet guns out of storage.

5. From Hunter to Mentor: With Daddy Argent on board, the wolf trio (Derek, Isaac, and Scott – what a team) are able to get their shit together and accomplish something. Argent isn’t just a hunter anymore, he’s a hunter helping werewolves. In the process of doing that, he drops all sorts of wolf-related nuggets of info on our heroes. It’s pretty insightful, and he’s even able to give them tips on how to hone their sense of smell for tracking during a full moon. Here’s to hoping we’ll be getting a werewolf/ex-hunter full-time team-up soon. It will be like the Teen Wolf Avengers (Awoofengers?… I’ll work on names later.)



6. Corn-Fed Corniness: Okay, Teen Wolf, you had me going there for a while. Then you had to go and derail all the dramatic tension you’d been building throughout the episode with the laughable sequence involving the sonic tone emitter thingies. Unnecessary slow-mo acrobatics next to graphics of the feral wolves on treadmills against what looked like green-screen woods was bad enough. Then, you had to go and add the cheesy music that made everyone seem like they were failed Olympic sprinters. Those emitters could have driven the wolves to the school without the extra soundtrack.

7. Uncle Hale Gets Douchier: Oh dear god. I was ready to dismiss Lydia’s musings involving her possible supernatural abilities to find bodies deposited around town by Uncle Hale (Ian Bohen). That, is, until he started lurking in the shadows with that satanic goatee of his.  His monologue about werewolves living in shades of grey didn’t help matters. Still, I’m hoping Lydia’s abilities are completely unconnected to the eldest Hale.


8. Mama Scott Nurses Awesomeness: Now that she’s in the know, everyone’s favorite nurse can get in on the action. Instead of having to break into the morgue to investigate bodies or some such nonsense, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) can just be invited down to take a look at the corpse that has apparently been killed by a person, based on the obvious lack of bite/claw marks. We discover how great of a team Stiles and Scott’s Mom (Melissa Ponzio) are, once they manage to piece together that these killings are part of virgin human sacrifices. It’s not ghosts, but I’ll take it.

9. Allison’s Arrows: Proving how awesome she can be, Allison (Crystal Reed) quickly got over the trauma of learning her mom’s death came about after she tried to kill Scott. She gets in on the action on the school roof with some light bomb arrows aimed to incapacitate Boyd and Cora.

10. Unfortunate Teacher:  Okay, I was willing to forgive her introduction, but teacher lady is not getting any better. Why do the writers insist on putting her in the most unforgiving roles each time she shows up? This time around, trapped in the boiler room with werewolves that our intrepid hunters have finally managed to corral? Come on now. Well, at least they aren’t putting her through the naive love interest role based on her immediately finding out about Derek’s nature. Plus, she got to sport an expression that went from “I want to fuck you,” to terrified, to calm.


Okay, well I wasn’t too psyched at the prospect of hunting werewolves down for a whole episode, but it turned out better than I thought. Plus, we got momentum on the season arcs I wasn’t expecting for that precise reason. Lydia finally looking her apparent powers head on is awesome, plus we found out that someone is sacrificing virgins (I’m personally glad we’re getting a major storyline that isn’t directly involving werewolf villains). Who doesn’t love a good virgin sacrifice plot? I lost mine years ago for a reason, people!

Rating: B+

Check out the preview for the next episode, “Unleashed”: