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Teen Wolf 3×04 “Unleashed” Recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Teen Wolf.


Here we are yet again. Ten moments from the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Frayed”! Let’s begin:

1. “Steamy” Derek/Teacher Moment

The Derek-Miss Blake burgeoning romance is re-visited almost first thing this week.

While I’m still not sold on them as a couple, the teacher wasn’t so bad this time around. It’s nice to see her vulnerable in a non-physically threatened way. Although, would it kill the writers to make Derek seem intelligent in a less obvious way. I mean, come on, who doesn’t know that The Crucible is an allegory for McCarthyism? It’s probably written on the back cover, which would require zero actual reading on Derek’s part.

2. Incest Twins Strike Again

These ginger dudes spend way too much time together, putting all their bonding time into chasing after less fortunate beta werewolves. Or, well, I guess they actually spend time baiting Isaac into chasing them, then losing him, then pouncing on him when they’ve lured him away into a secluded spot. I don’t even remotely understand what their game plan is here, unless this is just their version of were-pup playtime.

3. B is for “Body” or, “Bro, There is No Way You Were a Virgin.”

Stiles’ worries in the locker room about having never done the nasty are becoming more understandable. Before the twins can do much damage to Isaac, a scream is heard and a body is discovered. Naturally, it’s the guy from the first scene who disappeared in the alley behind the vet’s office where Scott works.

Scott, Isaac and Stiles argue over their respective theories. Isaac thinks werewolves and Stiles sticks with his angle – human sacrifices – from last week, while Scott is stuck in the middle. (Am I the only one who got a good/evil vibe here? Isaac in red and Stiles in white? Symbolism!) Stiles’ theory seems to be losing weight, though, ‘cause there’s no way that Abercrombie model was a virgin.



4. Hale Family Bonding

So, Derek’s sister seems really nice, everybody.

Impatient in regards to healing, she forces too much of workout on herself, and then argues with Derek about his pussy tactics when it comes to leading a pack. Of course, the Alphas choose that moment to attack for reasons that I still have not grasped. Shit goes down, we learn about Derek’s useless security system, and then Derek get a pipe through the torso.

Blind Uber-Alpha Deucalion (Gideon Emery) reveals his intentions: He wants Derek to kill his pack and join them, to liberate Derek of his teenage liabilities. Turns out, killing betas allows alphas to absorb their powers, Derek’s mom included. Deucalion finishes his scene by cheesily titling himself the “Demon Wolf.”

5. No One Gives a Shit About Class

Allison sleeps through hers, then gets woken up by Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson), the mysterious French teacher/guidance counselor, who refuses to tell her why she was at the abandoned bank at the same time Allison was there.

Meanwhile, the incest twins strike again. Too angry to focus on class, Isaac excuses himself to go outside, and then finds the ginger wonders waiting for him in the hall. One beats on the other and tosses him to the ground in front of Isaac, making it look like Isaac took his need to piss out on poor, innocent… The One Danny’s Into (sorry, I don’t know their names).



6. Detective Stiles

Trying to get to the bottom of the killings, Stiles asks Abercrombie’s girlfriend if they had gotten biblical. According to her, they had, which looks to be putting some holes in Stiles’ virgin theory. His theorizing leads him to Lydia, where he comes up with another theory: killings in sets of three and small dog-haters.

During the conversation, he intentionally lets her know that her new bronze slam-piece is an undercover alpha.

7. Seven Minutes in Heaven

Forced to stock the cleaning closet during detention, Allison and Isaac cozy up to one another.

That is, until one of the red-headed beasts lock them in. Isaac flashes back to his days of childhood abuse at the hands of his fucked-up father. His fear of small spaces leads him to wolf out and scratch Allison. Luckily, Scott shows up and pulls him back from the brink before he can harm Allison further.

Scott is finally on board with the “Kill the Alphas” plan. That’s not the only plan forming: the writers seem to be leading Isaac and Allison down the romance path.



8. Straight Incest Twin De-Biked

Scott’s plan for revenge involves suspension. Mirroring what The One Lydia’s Into did to Isaac earlier, Scott gets one of the twins to give chase while Isaac rides his bike into the school. A bike racing through the school draws everyone into the hallways and gets Miss Blake to furiously suspend the Alpha.

9. Detective Stiles, Meet Detective Lydia

Alone in the music room for a drawing session, Lydia finds the absent music teacher’s phone sitting on the piano. He was recording a song, and right before he finished, he was taken by the same chanting creature. (I assume it went to the same chanting seminar the prisoners from The Dark Knight Rises attended).

She lets Stiles in on the development, interrupting his Druid-bashing conversation with Everyone’s Favorite Not-A-Witch Vet. Together, the trio figures out the killings are happening in threes. First virgins, then soldiers. Before they can get to him in time, one final teacher victim – Mr. Harris, the chemistry teacher – is taken. He’s able to leave behind a message in his graded papers: Darach, Gaelic for “dark oak.”

10. Goodbye, Isaac. Hello, Gaelic Beast.

Following yet another altercation with the “our melding into one wolf form is a metaphor for our desire to do one another” twins, Isaac is booted from Derek’s pad. Derek is obviously doing it from a place of concern, but Isaac doesn’t know that and dejectedly takes off to Scott’s house. (Cue a drenched and dripping Isaac walking into Scott’s room like they’re about to re-enact a gay porno.)

Several miles away, through sheets of pouring rain, Mr. Harris is taken out by garrote, but not before whining about how the mystery creature still needs him.


Well, that was something. And I don’t mean in a good way. I think having two episodes that take place in a single 12-ish hour period is a bit much. It comes off as the plot just spinning its wheels. Plus, the amount of times Isaac and the Crimson Retriever twins confronted each other in the school got ridiculous.

Rating: B-

Here’s the preview for next week:


What did you think of this week’s episode?