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Teen Wolf 3×01-02 “Tattoo”/”Chaos Rising” Recaps

Warning: This contains spoilers.

Episode 3×01 “Tattoo”


  • Isaac’s Fainting Bike Ride: This works as a great precursor to the intense season opener that followed. It also suggests that Isaac is going to be a much larger part of the show going forward.
  • Twinsies: Having twin werewolves as part of the Alpha pack was pretty interesting on its own. However, adding to that fact by making them form one giant wolf was just hilarious. It’s the type of development that you realize is such an obvious creative move after it’s made.
  • That Tattoo: My eyes rolled so far back in my head during that Scott/Stiles scene. You emotional little shit, Scott. At least you aren’t getting Allison’s name tattooed onto your  newly-bulging bicep to “never forget.”
  • Scott Bulking Up in Mind and Body: He’s doing one-handed chin-ups when we first see him, which works as a metaphor for the work he’s doing for school… He knows words like ephemeral now!
  • Lydia’s Man Friend(s): So, Lydia has apparently been getting it on all summer. The dude in her bed is a little too blond for my taste, but hey, to each his own.



  • Birds!: I’m going with the theory that this is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, because, come on, it has to be, right? At least the bitchy teacher (who kind of/sort of has understandable reasons for calling Scott out on his spotty attendance record) redeems herself a bit by not leaving her students behind and escaping.
  • Obvious Alpha is Obvious: I was under the assumption that the Super Alpha would be one of the new ladies in town, but I was wrong. However, the truth was not surprising. The second that blind dude showed up on screen, my Max senses started tingling (that sentence turned out unintentionally dirty, and I like it).
  • That Tattoo, Redux: Honestly Scott, do you really think the best time to pester Derek about tattoos is when Isaac is lying half dead in the adjacent room? It’s not, Scott. You may have learned some big words, but it’s nice to know your big, dopey self is still there, deep down.
  • Isaac Isn’t Dead: Good, good. I’m glad he woke up, because I got kind of worried producers were pulling a bait and switch with his character when he didn’t show up in the credits.
  • New Girl is a Corpse: Well, that character didn’t last too long. I’m assuming she’s toast, even though we only saw her die in silhouette.


Well, that was some opening episode. While the newfound intensity was refreshing, maybe maintaining it for the entire hour was a bit much. Things kind of shifted over to the melodramatic about midway through. However, if this is the new, slightly darker tone the show is going for, I’m excited.

Rating: B+

Episode 3×02 “Chaos Rising”



  • Almost De-Virgin-Ized Stiles: It’s good to know Stiles even almost gets laid in his trademark manic style.
  • Ghosts?: Okay, the popular opinion on the show seems to be that Stiles’ childhood female friend was taken by the Alpha pack, but her abduction scene seems to disprove that? Honestly, I’m a bit confused about it, but I hope this means the supernatural world of Teen Wolf is about to be blown wide open.
  • Uncle Spinal Tap: So, Derek and Isaac got to see newly resurrected Uncle Hale, and Isaac gets fingered in some places he never expected (not like that). Too bad Uncle Hale wasn’t able to glean more from his apparent mind-reading Alpha powers than a few blurry images.
  • Ginger Twins Making a Mark: While Lydia sets her sights on one half of the red-headed pair, the other sinks his claws into Danny. Does this mean Danny’s days are numbered? And how did Lydia know one of them was gay? They are EXACTLY THE SAME.
  • Actual Detective Work: So, Scott et al, were actually able to figure out where Boyd was being held after doing more crazy shit to poor, sweet Isaac. Plus, we got some face time with everyone’s favorite vet/witch doctor (maybe?).



  • Allison Being Awesome: Figuring out the bank angle all on her own with the use of Google, her weird bruise, and city logos, Allison sets out to liberate the captive werewolves by herself.
  • Corpsica: Well, that was unexpected. While I long knew Erica was no longer among the living, I totally didn’t expect to see her rapidly decomposing body lying around a storage room. Poor Allison, getting trapped in there like that.
  • Derek Being Manly: The plan for busting out Boyd and the mystery girl he’s being held with was simple: Derek smash! First proving how impressive his muscles are on poor, poor Stiles, Derek then went into the bank fist-first and busted a hole in the vault wall big enough for him and Scott to enter.
  • Allison Saves the Day: After learning they’ve been set up and stuck in the bank vault with feral werwolves, Derek and Scott are understandably freaked. Allison then reveals herself and breaks the magic black ash seal vault trapping them inside, and accidentally frees two wolves who haven’t turned in months. Uh-oh.
  • Cliffhangers Galore: Okay, more like two. One – Derek’s sister, Cora, makes an appearance she is one half of the werewolf team that Allison frees. (Laura is Derek’s other sister, the one who was killed by Peter in season 1.) Two – Lydia is possibly having visions/convulsions.


Okay, so this episode lightened up on some of the intensity of the first episode, and I think it worked for the better. Light moments at the beginning and middle made for a much more gripping finale.

Rating: A-