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Character Appreciation: Stiles from “Teen Wolf”


While Teen Wolf is pretty beloved in general, I think it can be argued that Stiles Stilinski is one of the most popular characters on the show.

Based on that, he’s a great starting point for a new series of Pop Insomniacs: “Appreciation Posts.” Each article will feature a character from a show that we like and list some reasons for why they are so endearing to us. In the nostalgic tradition of elementary school English classes, I’ve opted for the acrostic poem format; what better way is there to show your appreciation for someone than to slap some positive adjectives onto their name? Let’s get started!

S is for Smart

Although some of you might disagree (based on some interesting comments I’ve received on my recaps) Stiles has proven himself to be one of the more clever characters on the show. On more than one occasion, Stiles has pieced clues together while trying to figure out a few major plot developments. The latest example would be his working theory about the murders plaguing his town. After seeking out the help of Lydia and the Badass Vet, he is presented with more evidence and manages to figure out that the virgin/soldier sacrifices are the first steps in a bigger druid ritual.

T is for Trustworthy

From the very beginning of the series, Stiles has proven he can keep a secret. Scott’s been a werewolf for a while now, and while a myriad of people have since found out about that, we definitely can’t blame Stiles. When it comes to the supernatural goings on in town, he’s zipped his mouth shut and thrown away the key. That doesn’t count the fact that he can called on for tasks such as magic dust-proofing a nightclub to trap some creatures inside.


I is for Inquisitive

This one goes hand in hand with smart, since his intelligence wouldn’t do him any good (except on the SATs) without the gumption to go out and learn. Let’s not forget that Scott wouldn’t be a werewolf today if he hadn’t gone out into the woods to find half a dead body with Stiles way back in the pilot. Couple that with Stiles’ never-ending desire to know about every single case that crosses his sheriff father’s desk, and you’ve got one sassy amateur sleuth on your hands.

L is for Lacrosse

Why lacrosse, you ask? Because Stiles is terrible at it. Except when he’s not. While it’s funny to watch him be terrible, it’s awesome to see him succeed, in moment like the season two finale. Sure, those moments are peppered with tragedy (let’s forget that he got kidnapped minutes later and no one seemed to notice except his dad), but they’re so awesome in the moment you can’t help but enjoy them.


E is for Entertaining

He’s smart, semi-athletic, and can be counted on in a crisis? Well, that’s great. Now in the fact that he’s funny and you start to understand why Tumblr’s buzzing with love for this character. One moment he’s pulling off a slapstick moment getting attacked by balloon in a hospital, and the next he’s very noticeably freaking out about needing to lose his virginity so he won’t get murdered.

S is for Stiles

Not only is he funny, he’s also got an air of mystery about him. As you were watching this show you may have asked yourself, “What is Stiles’ first name?” Well, the answer is that no one knows. While it’s not the same level of enigmatic that’s followed Derek Hale around since episode one, it’s still an interesting character tidbit. Who cares if it more likely stems form the fact that the name his late mother gave him is seemingly unpronounceable?

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Are you one of the few who doesn’t like Stiles? If so, why? And if you do like him, what’s your reasoning? Let us know!