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“Elementary” is Giving Us Mycroft and Baker Street


It looks like Elementary is going to be continuing its penchant for unexpected casting with the addition of Rhys Ifans as Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holmes.

As we already know, season two will open in London once Holmes is called back to his hometown for a case. While that in and of itself was an exciting development (the premiere will be a two-parter so it was already going to be a big deal) we now know that it will delve into the relationship between Holmes and his brother. Apparently, years have passed and a falling out between the Holmes brothers will be one of the focal points of the episodes.

On the less character-based side of things, we’ll be getting to see 221B Baker Street!

In the great tradition of comparing the two modern-day adaptions, how will it stand up to Sherlock‘s famed abode (hello John/Joan)? Will the new wallpaper and updated window treatments at first be side-eyed by fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s fictional home, only to be inevitably drawn in by the refreshing take on Johnny Lee Miller’s Holmes/house interaction? (Okay, I’ll stop now, since this comparison is getting away from me and was stupid to begin with.)

But seriously, this storyline is shaping up to be exciting. Not only do we get Sherlock in London, we get interactions with his brother and the awkwardness that will inevitably ensue for Joan as she tries to repair their relationship.

I’m excited, are you excited? Please, gush away below. Or yell and scream, your choice.