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“Closed Circuit” Trailer

Closed Circuit looks to be an action-packed conspiracy thriller. It stars Rebecca Hall and Eric Bana as the two lead characters – lawyers with a complicated romantic relationship who are hired to take on the case of an accused terrorist. Hall is a terrific actress and was criminally underused in Iron Man 3, so it’s nice to see her getting plenty of screen-time in this movie.

During the course of the trailer, we see that Riz Ahmed’s character also shows up, making the case against the accused terrorist all the more complicated. Other acting talents include Jim Broadbent and Ciaran Hinds (who recently appeared on Game of Thrones as the leader of the Wildings).

The script was penned by Steve Knight, who also wrote Eastern Promises. For that alone, this movie shows a lot of promise.

Closed Circuit will be released on August 28, 2013 in the UK.

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