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9 Worst Characters on Television

What makes a character the “worst” isn’t necessarily their amoral actions or behavior (some of our favorite characters walk a very thin line between good and evil). They could be the most self-righteous and moral character ever, but still annoy the ever-living shit out of us. Worst characters are those whose screentime we want depleted immediately because they’re just so unlikable, despite the writers best attempts at getting us to root for them. Who are some of the worst characters on TV? These are our 8 choices:

1. Fitz, Scandal


Why is Fitz, the hunky POTUS from Scandal, on this list? Let me count the ways… First of all, he shouldn’t even be president. It was all rigged! And when he found out about it, he played the ‘woe is me’ card and murdered an old lady with cancer instead of setting things right. (To be fair, the old lady with cancer tried to have him assassinated. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t exactly pan out.) He treats the women in his life like shit, and that includes Olivia Pope – the supposed love of his life.

Did I mention that he almost raped her in an elevator once? Yeah. That happened. But of course, he has daddy issues, so I guess we’re supposed to forgive and forget. (But I don’t.) Oh yeah, and there was that time he sent his friend Jake to go put surveillance cameras in Olivia’s apartment and spy on her – after having sex with Olivia in a dank closet and then telling her that he wanted nothing else to do with her, that she was basically just a piece of ass to him. On top of that, he can’t even do his job as president right! Fitz is dull, sloppy, and entitled.

2. Henry Mills, Once Upon A Time

I hate picking on a little kid… but, you know what, I’m going to. Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore) or Charming or whatever his last name is… is one of the most annoying children on television. You constantly wish for him to fall down a portal somewhere and never return (and since this is Once Upon A Time, it could very well happen). A large part of my irritation towards Henry is due to the acting – though to be a little fair, Once Upon A Time is not a very good venue to showcase your acting capabilities – but besides that, the character is undeniably whiny. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of depth to Henry. If it weren’t for the dialogue telling you what the character is feeling or thinking, you don’t get the sense that he’s particularly attached to either Emma or Regina. He’s got to be the most annoying child on television right now.

3. Roman Godfrey, Hemlock Grove

It’s been mentioned many, many times throughout our recaps of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, but Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Person. What makes it even worse is that as I was watching the show, I felt like I was supposed to be rooting for him. After all, he’s one of the main characters of the show, so one of the major themes of his character arc is his need to become a Big Damn Hero, and by the end of the show he struggles against his very nature so that he might become one – but no. Just, no. Roman is an entitled rich boy who, among other things, threw a hissy fit when he couldn’t get what he wanted (Peter’s friendship) then dealt with those issues by raping his classmate and wiping her memory of the attack afterwards. One of his few redeeming qualities is how kindly he treats his sister, Shelley, but in light of the rest of the shitty things he’s done, that’s hardly enough to warrant not adding him to this list of Worst Characters.

4. Finn Samson, Misfits

Finn (Nathan McMullen) is basically the textbook definition of a creepy Nice Guy™. He spends the majority of season four of Misfits stalking Jess, and one of his first major story arcs dealt with his highly problematic relationship with his long-time girlfriend. It was revealed early on in the latest series that he had her tied up in his apartment, forcing her to shit in a bucket because she was basically his hostage. And the whole thing was just really… rapey (for lack of a better term). Despite all the creepiness, all was forgiven and they even hinted at Jess and Finn possibly entering into a romance. He was later given a storyline about his long-lost father and sister, but we did not care one bit. This character never became endearing to us, therefore we simply didn’t care about his storylines or inner angst.

5. Finn Hudson, Glee

To start off, he forced Santana out of the closet in a very public and humiliating way. He’s dumber than a box of rocks. He behaves like a violent, hulking gorilla. This latest season, he beat up Rachel’s college boyfriend, telling him “stay away from my future wife,” and also made out with his former guidance counselor, Emma, who was engaged to Mr. Schue at the time. On top of all that, he can’t even sing! I would say more, but I think it’s obvious what makes Finn one of the worst characters on television. Everything.

6. April Kepner, Grey’s Anatomy

I started getting really annoyed with April (Sarah Drew) towards the end of season 8, when she came out as a total Jesus Freak. Before you jump all over me, I want to preface this by saying that I’m usually very respectful of people’s religious beliefs. Usually. I guess I just have a hard time grasping my head around the idea that Jesus wants you to be a virgin until someone puts a ring on your finger, and if you break that rule, then you’re automatically going to hell regardless of whether or not you’re a veritable angel in all other aspects of your life (having sex doesn’t make you a bad person, after all).

After April lost her virginity to Jackson, she proceeded to have a total meltdown because “Jesus hates her” and it was the most irritating thing to watch play out on-screen. But she enjoyed sex with Jackson so much that she kept going back for more… and so began the process of her waffling back-and-forth between wanting to bang Jackson and wanting to be abstinent, because she couldn’t make up her mind about anything. This girl makes mountains out of tiny molehills! At this point, you just want her to join a convent and leave our TV screens forever.

7. Jackson Whittemore, Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is, as its name suggests, a show about teenagers. It takes place in a high school located in a small town. Like all TV high schools located in small towns, it is going to include the archetypes that television producers have yet to figure out don’t always exist in real life. One of those archetypes is Jackson Whittemore’s (Colton Haynes); since his role was to be the Bully-Jock, he was always going to be a huge asshole.

The key to the success of Teen Wolf was that the characters grew out of the silly stereotypes that the characters initially embodied. While Scott (Tyler Posey) went from lovelorn wimp to legitimate hero and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) matured out of his solely comic relief stage, Jackson continued being a huge douche that looked out for no one but himself. Fans got an arc where he goes on a power trip and insists on becoming a werewolf so he can be the best version of himself possible (or something like that, I don’t even know – I tune him out a lot).

Sure, there were some attempts to redeem him by revealing he was abandoned by his birth parents and making Lydia his “One True Love,” but it just didn’t ring true. His worst moment would have to be when he told the local sheriff that he knew fellow lacrosse player Isaac (Daniel Sharman) was beaten by his father, but kept the info to himself because it didn’t concern him. That’s one irredeemable little nitwit right there.

8. Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

To be fair, all of the characters on Gossip Girl are huge contenders for Worst Character on Television. So this makes Chuck Bass worst of the worst (worse than Gossip Girl himself!). Despite what all the whisper-acting and rapid aging syndrome would have you believe, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) isn’t even an interesting bad boy. He’s got the usual daddy issues and issues with women in general (he has countless fake moms). He attempted to rape someone at least twice… (three times if you count the physical abuse Blair – his future wife – endured in his apartment in the Season 4 episode “The Princess and the Frog”) and somehow ended up being some big romantic hero by the end of the series. And while we’re on the topic of Blair, I want to mention the fact that he prostituted her out to his uncle (who has a history of attempted rape) in exchange for a hotel and then proceeded to have sex with his then-step-sister whom he tried to rape in the Pilot.

9. Tate Langdon, American Horror Story

Certain avenues of “fandom” have a tendency to woobify villainous characters (particularly male ones they find attractive), but if ever there were a character that should never, ever, ever in a million years be woobified or felt sorry for, it’s Tate. When he was alive, the guy poured gasoline on his mother’s boyfriend before setting him on fire. He also brought guns to school and terrorized then killed several of his classmates (and doomed their ghosts to wandering the earth forever, but that’s a story for another time).

He’s pretty much a sociopath, and just because he and Violet share some kind of fucked up Romeo-and-Juliet-esque romance once he becomes a ghost doesn’t mean he’s redeemed. It’s pretty clear throughout the course of American Horror Story‘s first season that he’s just as terrible as he always was. Just look at what he did to Violet’s mother, and to Chad and Patrick, the gay couple that moved into Murder House.

Do you agree or disagree? Who do you think is the worst character on television? Leave a comment below!

  • Finn Hudson is the one of the many reasons I stopped watching Glee, and I totally agree about April. I tolerate her but I really wish she was taken out in one of the many disasters that plagued that hospital since she joined the show!

  • Sam

    I totally agree. Would have added Blaine. (fangirls hear a calling from across the globe to say how cupcake Blaine is nothing but best boyfriend/character ever always owning to his mistakes and never plays victim when he is the one causing his own problems because he is played by Darren Criss and they love Darren Criss this much, everytime) but I assume two from the same show would be too much.

    • Askai

      Oh please, Blaine is harmless. Finn, Will, Marley and Kurt are the worst.

      • Sam

        LOL. Exhibit A.

      • Howl

        No, Blaine is almost like Finn one of the worst characters

      • LC

        harmless? He pretty much forced himself on Kurt once in the back of a car. He is the whiniest boyfriend ever and when Kurt left for about a month to go to NY he couldn’t even stay faithful so he cheated on him then tried to blame Kurt for it. Then the rest of the season he plays the victim card and even goes as far as stalking Kurt and even getting a ring to propose to him when they AREN’T EVEN DATING! Worst tv boyfriend ever!

        • LC, I’m pretty sure I love you. I thought I was the only one who hated Blaine. *sniffle* I thought I was alone.

          When he sang ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’, after he -cheated-, I was done.

  • BD

    Fitz is definitely my number one needs-to-go. And thank you for mentioning that disgusting elevator scene. His loudest fans like to gloss over that because Olivia didn’t “look scared.” I don’t dislike him because he has loose morals – just like everyone else on the show – but because he’s an uninteresting, weak-minded puppet.

    I hope Kepner works things out with Jesus or whatever during the summer and goes back to being less annoying next season.

  • Ruby

    I don’t think Chuck should be on this list. He was one of the most entertaining parts of the show. Yes, he pimped Blair out to his uncle, but how is that any worse than Blair who pimped Chuck out to get a speaking position in season 3 or when she tried to whore out Nate to her boss? And yeah he had sex with Jenny even though he’d tried to rape her in the pilot, but a lot had happened from then to when they had sex. They had become friends are were practically each others only allies. It just seems you took a lot out of context. Also, he never abused Blair. Hitting a window and then a shard of glass grazing Blair’s face is not abuse.

    • Kate

      What are you even talking about right now? Chuck traded his girlfriend to have sex with his uncle for a hotel. You seriously cannot see the difference between that and Blair getting Chuck to kiss a guy?

      • Ruby

        In both cases they were pimping each other out so in that regard, I don’t see a difference. And as I said, she pimped Nate out as well, so I’m not sure why when Chuck did it it was so unforgivable.

        • Beth

          Seriously? You don’t see the difference between Chuck manipulating Blair by pretending he’d never even consider what Jack had asked for and then yelling at Blair that there was no other way to keep the hotel and faking despair (knowing all the time that she *knew* what Jack wanted and that she would do anything for him) to get her to go sleep with a Jack? And let’s not forget the last time we’d seen Jack on the show at that point, Chuck was pulling him off of his stepmother to stop him from raping her in a bathroom as a power play.

          There is no similarity to what Blair and Chuck did. You might call them “pimping” to compare them, but Chuck manipulated and controlled Blair based on her weakness for him and then acted like it was her fault and wouldn’t apologize. Blair asked Chuck to flirt with the guy (and then he hypocritically said they can never play each other again, and she was crying her apologies), and she asked Nate to sleep with Epperly to achieve her own petty ends. But I guess you have to make a lot of excuses to think of Chuck is an ~entertaining character. Personally I don’t find smarmy misogyny to be entertaining.

    • cookiemonster

      *And yeah he had sex with Jenny even though he’d tried to rape her in the pilot, but a lot had happened from then to when they had sex*

      Well, in that case it’s okay that the girl lost her virginity to the guy who tried to rape her!
      Chuck was pretty much the worst. Horrible, horrible character.

      • Ruby

        Like I said, that happened a long time ago. Chuck had changed a lot. And she was perfectly willing to have sex with him. He didn’t force her.

    • Kagoshima

      You are a profoundly stupid person.

  • KM

    This is a horrible, random list. Wow. Wait, out of all the Glee characters you pick Finn? With some of the most black and white, shallow reasons. He’s the only reason I will still turn this show on. How about Blaine, Rachel, Sam… or god, I could go on forever? I mute the tv whenever most of them are on screen.

    • Norma

      Of course they pick Finn for the silly reasons because that’s the easy, non-controversial one, hate the guy the Rachel and Santana obsessed fans hate and ignore that Rachel and Santana are damn horrible characters themselves who in no way deserve the love they get and if those two were male characters, they’d be torn to shreds.

      • lol

        “if those two were male characters, they’d be torn to shreds” u srs??? lol have fun sympathizing with some basic straight white dudebros who get everything handed to them on this show.

        • Norma

          Rachel and Santana are the ones who get everything handed to them on the show, anyone with two brain cells can see that. Rachel can choke her audition but still get into her dream college because she stalks the Dean of admissions, can be a complete bitch to her teacher, has two daddies who will jump to pay her for every little whim. Santana get rejoin the clubs she gets kicked out of, takes advantage of Brittany and ends up with a girlfriend, can be a violent psycho bully to everyone and ends up getting sympathy from all her victims. Karofsky’s male and his bullying wasn’t excused just because he’s gay, he was made to work for Kurt’s forgiveness but everyone just automatically forgave Santana, who continues to be nothing but a bully.

          • Shemira Jones

            Sympathy?Santana got sympathy for nothing?The whole glee club told her what they thought of her and she was told she was going to be a stripper for her whole life. Rachel got excused for everything.She should be on here with her dumbass boyfriend.

    • Shemira Jones

      Finn is an
      asshole.Point.Blank.Period. Santana might be a bitch but Finn’s an idiot who deserved every bad thing that happened to him on the show.

  • Jen

    I love Fitz, you’re wrong. He did not try to rape Olivia in the elevator. What show are you watching?

    • Thank you for your comment and I agree 100%. There was no attempted rape and it demeans real rape victims to take that scene and act like it’s a sexual assault and anyone who doesn’t see it, is a rape apologist. Dislike the character all you want for whatever reason but please stop trying to make him a rapist.

      • sarah

        Coercing and manipulating someone into having sex is an attempt to sexually assault them. Fitz gaslights Olivia, he’s possessive and controlling of her, he repeatedly refuses to listen to her when she tells him ‘no’. That Fitz doesn’t think of himself as attempting to rape her doesn’t change anything—his intent doesn’t matter. This is a persistent pattern of behavior on his part and bears all the hallmark of his being emotionally abusive.

        Also, I know lots of people who are survivors of sexual assault who interpret that scene as being exactly one of attempted rape. I see from your Twitter profile that you really like the pairing. Fine. Like it all *you* want “for whatever reason”—but please stop trying to chalk the relationship up as being somehow healthy or romantic. It’s neither.

        • bebe

          Olivia hits Fitz constantly. Is that okay?
          Mellie forced herself on Fitz in the shower despite him repeatedly saying no. Eventually, he went along with it because she was upset.
          Why is SHE not on the list?
          And these women were sober. At least Fitz was drunk off his face.
          The allegations are ridiculous, chiefly because if Fitz was inclined to be violent he would have assaulted Olivia successfully a long time ago.
          His behaviour, unlike Chuck Bass’s, lasted SECONDS, was acknowledged to be wrong and apologised for repeatedly.
          He’s a flawed character, but calling him the worst on television is ridiculous.
          PS the old lady with cancer killed a 32 year old mom of 2 and had him SHOT. FOUR TIMES.

  • les

    Perfect list is perfect. Most of those characters especially Fitz, Finn and April are so annoying I just want them to forever disappear.

  • Fitz is an imperfect character on a show laden with imperfect characters and it’s interesting the amount of hate that is directed at him. I wonder why?

    • bebe

      I really wonder why, as well.
      Cyrus murders a pregnant lady and nearly murders his husband? No problem.
      Mellie rigs an election, fakes a letter of re-instatement and organises a woman to sleep with her husband? No problem.
      Olivia rigs an election and covers up mass murder? No problem.
      Jake, a career killer, burgles Olivia, hospitalises her and distributes a sex tape of her? No problem.
      James pursues a story that could land his husband in jail? No problem.
      But Fitz, Oh he’s the worst.
      Dislike Fitz all you want, but to pretend he’s the worst person even on Scandal, much less on television, is BREATHTAKING hypocrisy.

      • Sara

        So what? At least those characters are more interesting than ho-hum Fitz. They even wrote in the article “They could be the most self-righteous and moral character ever, but still annoy the ever-living shit out of us.”

  • saw

    Well if you are looking for Perfect these characters aren’t for you…Fortunately, No one is perfect…except for Mother Teresa(bless her soul)..And I do not want perfect people on my TV screen..I love Fitz and his imperfections..

    • Gestalt

      Mother Teresa was a pretty terrible person though.

  • ihr

    Henry Mills is one of the worst written characters in OUAT, and the actor’s limited emotional repertoire doesn’t help.

  • Musky

    Ah, it’s a toss up between Blaine and Finn. But with the amount of Blaine we’ve had to endure this season, I’ll go with him. Yes, Blaine, Worst Character on Television. Sounds about right.

  • To be fair, Finn from Misfits tied up his girlfriend because she was using her powers to control his behavior, which included forcing him to give her oral sex until his jaw ached. If anyone was being “rapey,” it was Finn’s girlfriend.

    That being said, Finn is still an annoying Nice Guy douchebag who gets far too much screentime.

  • I had a response re: Roman Godfrey that was too long for comment box.

  • Sorry, I love Chuck! But interesting list, there’ll always be those people you hate, I agree with that 🙂

  • Yummers

    I don’t mind April too much, she can be annoying but I think Sarah plays it well. Henry from OUaT is pretty annoying I have to agree.
    I love Cory Monteith but I agree Finn Hudson has had his share of ridiculous moments. But Cory’s singing has improved a lot. Can we not give credit where credit is due? I don’t mind his voice at all.

  • arya

    where’s joffrey?

    • Gestalt

      You’re meant to hate Joffrey.

    • Lol, when I saw the title, I quickly clicked to see if anyone from GOT was on that line. Out of that list, I only know Chuck Bass and I could not stand his mannerisms.

  • Norma

    I stopped watching Glee not because of Finn, who gets a lot of hate for a lot of the same stuff others gets praised for, but because of Santana, who’s been nothing but a bully and hasn’t actually changed but we’re supposed to root for because she’s gay and that’s why she’s been so horrible, like it’s supposed to be okay for her to bully someone to the point where they snap, and Rachel, the girl who no one in their right mind should like because she’ll just stab you in the back or possibly accuse you of touching someone inappropriately or send you to a crackhouse but it’s okay when she’s does it because she’s an “ambitious girl” Excuse me while I throw up because being gay doesn’t give you the right to be a bully no more than it gives people the right to bully you, and having ‘ambition’ doesn’t give you the right to be a bitch.

    • lol

      lol @ you thinking rachel just gets away with things because she’s ambitious. she’s one of the only characters that is ever consistently called out on their shitty behavior (also she hasn’t even shown to be ~ambitious~ since her storyline started to revolve around her high school boyfriend so ???) (((p.s. santana’s also been called out on her shitty behavior too, but you know who hasn’t??? finn!!!!)))

      • Norma

        Santana bullies people until they snap then she plays the victim card and no, she hasn’t been called out for being a bully, they gave her an excuse for her behaviour as if that made it all okay that she’s a psycho bitch.
        Rachel’s whole storyline last year was her psycho ambition. Choke at audition, just phone-harass the Dean, send bribes, and stalk her until given a second chance. And people actually encouraged her, no one called her out.

      • Marissa

        Yeah, because Burt yelling at him and kicking him out of the house never happened. Finn apologizing to Kurt at the wedding also never happened, being forced into that joke of a couple’s counselling with Emma, he gets called out a lot but people like you just ignore it, just like you pretend Rachel and Santana get called out on their behaviour. Those two especially get defended by their psycho fans for being horrible and people who speak out against them get attacked by those psycho fans. But continue to pretend Rachel and Santana are poor little innocent victims who deserve so much better even though sane people know it’s not okay to ruin someone’s life just because they didn’t give you a solo or bully someone until they snap then pretend like you’re a victim who had nothing to do with it.

    • Shemira Jones

      Just because Santana is a bully,doesn’t mean Finn isn’t one as well.

  • Aria

    Re: Glee
    Yeah, way to go, trash the straight white guy because he’s the easy target. Gag me.
    Santana’s a violent bully who hasn’t changed a bit but we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, not to mention she completely took advantage of Brittany and convinced her that having sex with another girl isn’t cheating. And got praised for doing that while Artie, the straight white guy got turned into the bad guy for calling Brit stupid for believing her. TV is better off without the likes of Santana.
    Also better off without the likes of Rachel, who gets to slap boys and throw hairbrushes at them and it’s written like it’s justified and who keeps getting rewarded for doing things like stalking her way into college, getting teachers fired because she’s that selfish and wants every single solo, and we’re all supposed to root for her? Yeah, I root for her. To fall flat on her face like she deserves.

    • lol

      one time finn tried to pull a girl recovering from a car accident out of a wheelchair and beat the shit out of his ex-girlfriend’s bf so tv’s probably better off without him too.

      • Aria

        TV would be better off without Glee period but people like you would obviously just find other shows where you can trash the straight white male characters and pretend the poor little females have a right to be complete bitches.

        • Musky

          hey, you should start a support group for all the oppressed straight white male characters.

        • loyanne

          Finn is supposed to be the heroe of the show instead she is the unlikeable guy that will get the girl just because that’s how supposed to be,if you are talking about being a bitch at east santana is a bitch and everyone knows about it,finn on other hand does shit all the time like:he only supported kurt because everybody else was already doing,let’s forget when he told sam not to sing with kurt just not to being seen as gay,let’s forget the time he called britanny stupid,when he was a douche to rachel,when he wanted her to forget all about her dream in NY to go with him to california cleaning pools,and i could continue.He is terrible simply because the writers instead of doing a heroe with imperfection they write someone simply horrible,and finn is indeed annoying!

    • Musky

      “Yeah, way to go, trash the straight white guy because he’s the easy target.”

      you are upset with someone throwing dirt on your precious knight in shining armor? i bet you thought it was “cute” when finn decked other dude and screamed about his “future wife”. i bet you felt sorry for him when he kissed emma. i bet you thought he was really the victim when he outed santana.

      straight white guys, or white guys in general, on glee, are the complete opposite of an easy target. they get away with everything; no one calls them out on their shitty behavior AND treat them as a hero. SOLEY BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU THINK IS MAKING THEM AN EASY TARGET. get your head out of your ass and get a clue.

      • Aria

        I didn’t think it was cute, violence is never cute but at least that wasn’t played up for laughs like when the female characters are violent toward a male character and when it was a man hitting a woman, that was taken seriously but Rachel slapping boys, never a big deal.
        Santana is no victim. People who bully someone until that person lashes out are not victims. Only idiots thinks they’re victims and help them get away with being bullies because oh you poor innocent little thing you got hurt by that evil person and the bully never has to deal with the fact that they caused someone to snap. Santana has always been a bully and still is a bully and continues to get away with being a bully but everyone treats her like she’s some kind of hero and ignores that she’s a violent little psycho bully who gets off on hurting people and controlling Brittany into thinking she’s capable of loving her when she really just loves having a toy to play with.

      • loyanne

        I completely agree with you and i can’t understand how some girls think this horrible guys as the cute hero,is just weird!!!
        I really can’t see anything good on finn,he is annoyng,dumb and a pity sack.

  • Marissa

    This list is a total joke. April is seriously the only female character out of 8? When there’s characters like Rachel Berry, who the writers are constantly pretending is an underdog when anyone with one brain cell knows she’s going to come out on top even though she doesn’t deserve it. Or Marley, whose personality consists of “good” and “annoyingly naïve” and nothing else but we’re supposed to want leading the club to victory. But then again, they don’t fit in your male-bashing themed list, with the only exception being a neurotic religious meltdown because a female character can only be considered a ‘worst’ when it has to do with freaking out over having sex.

    • Please refrain from using multiple names and emails to comment. Thank you.

  • This discussion is getting really heated, so please remember to be respectful of one another. Thanks!

  • Get a life Fitz did not try and rape Olivia in the elevator I don’t know which show your watching but it’s definitely not Scandal.

    • alison

      Your username says a lot about your standards for consensual sexual relationships. If a woman tells a man ‘no’, that she doesn’t want to have sex, then if he keeps trying to coerce her into have sex with him, that is rape. Go and rewatch that elevator scene and focus on their words and body language. Fitz has repeatedly shown himself to be possessive and controlling, and probably fulfils a number of the character/behavioral traits on a list of ways to identify a domestic abuser.

      (P.S. “which show *you’re* watching.” ‘your’ is a possessive)

      • kay

        Alison, rape isn’t trying to coerce a woman into sex. Rape is succeeding.
        We don’t actually know how that scene would have ended without interruption, but we can guess it would have ended the way every scene in which Fitz pushes his luck with Olivia ends.
        With her slapping him and him backing away.
        To call Fitz a rapist trivialises real rape and is an insult to rape victims.
        The same people saying this still adore Jake a man who HOSPITALIZED Olivia.

        • Sara

          It’s still attempted rape!

  • Greg

    This entire list could have been made up of Glee characters. Finn’s a great choice. I would have thrown Blaine in too after the past season (the self-pitying after he cheated was hard to take in particular), and I basically soured on him after the incident in the car in “The First Time” episode.

  • Marie

    All of these are pretty on point (especially Finn Samson) but i think Jackson Whittemore is actually a really complex and very interesting character and deep down is really a good guy! he was actually my favorite character on teen wolf before he left ….. but aside from that, not a bad list.

  • Gestalt

    Perfect list.

  • Susan torres

    Didnt bother reading after I saw Fitz at the top of the list! He is the best character, and hey he did not try to rape Olivia! What planet are you on??

  • Tasha

    Хуйня все это

  • Kitty

    OMG, thank you for number 2, 5 & 8. SO.FUCKING.TRUE. Especially greatful for Finn and Chuck because they are far too many people praising them as the “heroes” the show claims they are. Great list! I approve.

  • 2, 5 & 7 – SOO TRUE! but I like Chuck Bass…he has a special charm

  • Inara

    don’t agree with jackson or chuck but i can at least see where you’re coming from with chuck. of course jackson is meant to be a stereotypical douchebag jock (that’s his whole character) but the whole point of his storyline is that he’s actually something more than that – he has emotions and is capable of love. that’s his arc. but his character doesn’t want to admit that he actually has feelings so instead he is a bit of a douchebag. but that doesn’t make him a bad character just he’s rude and has flaws?

  • Good list for the most part, I think. I don’t completely agree about Jackson Whittemore, as I think further down the line they will begin to make him a more complex character. But I loved the April one. She really pisses me off and her character being on the show is just a waste. I’m surprised you didn’t put Damon Salvatore on here though- he is probably the worst character ever.

  • Sara

    I don’t watch most of these shows but I 100% agree about Fitz! He sucks.

  • Sara W.

    You forgot Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Despite being played by the loveable Ian Somerhalder, Damon is the worst excuse for a romantic love interest of a strong heroine that I have ever seen. So many things he does are brushed aside and overlooked just so he can be seen as a viable option for Elena in Television’s worst love triangle ever. He get’s what he wants no matter who gets hurt or ruined in the process, and that hasn’t changed. Do people forget that he snapped Jeremy’s neck? The brother of the woman he claims to love. How about the fact that Damon once slept with Elena’s birth mother? Nobody acknowledges any of this and it’s even worse the the show now has likeable people acting out of character in order to prop Damon up. For example Alaric Saltzman finally comes back in season 4 and his main story was standing around telling Damon to “get the girl”. They both treated Elena like a prize to be won, and it’s a joke that Alaric, a man who was once her guardian and protector, would actually be cheering for Elena to be with one of the show’s most misogynistic and selfish characters. I use to love the show and even Damon Salvatore as a character. But the writing with his character and his “redemption” has been so horrible that now I am just offended and insulted as a viewer.

  • Anna

    I think Finn Hudson doesn’t belong here. He’s a good person. He was just lost (during the last season mainly). He is young. Everyone makes mistakes. I remember the whole story about Santana. Yes he forced her to do that but he also did everything to help her because she’s his friend and he loves her. Eventually she thanked him (literally). About Rachel’s collage boyfriend Brody – he deserved it. The way he treated Rachel is (almost) unforgivable. That kiss with Emma was a mistake. He apologized and tried to make everything right. Finn helped a lot of people. Not everyone can be Einstein. He is selfless, generous, talented and he’s a faithful friend. This character is a huge inspiration for me. His story helped my friend. I’m really grateful for Finn. And Cory Monteith is a great actor and singer. I love his voice. My opinion…

    • loyanne

      So he is lost since the beggining of the show,no one should be forced to come out of the closet,no one and that’s final,and what did he do to help her?Sing “girls just want to have fun” shouldn’t be considered help,also santana just thanked him at the end because the writers have to make him look the heroe that he ins’t.
      About Brody:what right does Finn have to beat any guy for being a douche to rachel?He broke up with her because he wanted to being a rock star(that he ins’t) and hook up with other girls,he had sex with santana and didn’t tell her,he helped quinn about cheating on sam,he gave real meat to his girlfriend even though she is vegan,he kissed Emma even though she was engaged and loved mr,shue,he called britanny stuppid even though she dumber than a door,he basically forced rachel to have pity sex with him and only proposed to her because he had no other option to do after high school.
      I could go on and on,and i respect you opinions but really,i just can’t see how people think Finn Hudson can be likeable or a inspiration,he is not agood guy and terrible annoying!

      • Anna

        I respect your opinions too. I just think he wanted Santana to feel supported. That she should and can be whoever she is and doesn’t have to hide it. He didn’t want something bad happened to her. She didn’t come out because she was afraid of what would people said but I think she wasn’t entirely happy about her current situation. But I agree that he shouldn’t force her and no one should be forced to do that. He did that because she provoked him. As soon as he said that he realized it was wrong and tried to help her. But enough about Santana. I also agree about the heroe thing. Finn isn’t a heroe. I think his personality was overestimated through all the series (even though I still think he is a good person). He makes mistakes like everyone. That is also what glee is about. We should learn something from their mistakes (like I wrote before – one Finn’s mistake really helped my friend). Finn is also hot-tempered – that is why he beat up Brody. He just wanted him to stay away from Rachel (Brody wanted to be with her even though she had no idea about his „job“). I don’t love him. I don’t think he’s perfect and he is not my favorite character (that is Kurt by the way). I respect him. I like his voice. And yes – I was inspired by him. He isn’t annoying for me (most of the time). It’s individual…

        • loyanne

          I agree with you to the point that yes,he is not a bad guy,but he also ins’t the heroe that we suppose to believe that he is,the writers try to make him the awesome lead man all the time,and that’s when he get’s annoying,because he just ins’t.
          But this is a mistake from the writers and not from the actor,i think they try to make Finn the good guy with some imperfections as well,but this should have a limit,if the imperfections get the best of the goodness that we should be seeing in him, it becomes a problem,so instead of rooting for him we get annoyed by,for me he is the worst character ,and i just can’t wacth glee live anymore exactly because of him.
          But anyway,is just my opinion and i used to share the same as your at first season and then we i had to change,right now glee became kinda boring for me because of that.

          • Anna

            I pretty much agree with everything except that it’s not so much annoying for me (yet probably). I’m really curious. Do you have any favorite character on glee?

          • loyanne

            My favorite character on glee is Quinn,i think she is the most complex character from glee,if the writers have bothered enough to give her proper space she would have been awesome,i love sam,he is a great guy,he gets the perfect amount of the good guy with some imperfections,also like rachel and kurt.

  • I’m partial to Finn.
    No, not Hudson.

  • Dan

    Finn Hudson should be #1 He’s the most annoying douchebag ever. The writers try to make him look like the good guy/hero but it just makes him even more annoying. His singing voice is the worst male voice on glee, not counting Mike because he’s more of a dancer than a singer.
    I love how accurate your description was because he IS a violent, hulking gorilla the only difference is that gorillas are smarter.
    If anyone disagrees it’s because they’re die hard Cory Monteith fans and can’t handle the truth.

    • Anna

      It’s individual. „If anyone disagrees it’s because they’re die hard Cory Monteith fans and can’t handle the truth.“ – This is too black and white opinion, don’t you think? I don’t think he’s the most annoying douchebag ever and I’m not obsessed with Cory. Everyone can see things differently. Like I wrote before I like his voice and I think he’s a great actor. I’m not a big Cory’s fan. I don’t know much information about his personal life. I respect Finn as a character and I disagree with judging someone.

  • Bob

    I only agree with Finn Samson, he fucking pissed me off all the time.
    Finn (Hudson) and Jackson are one of my favorites, though.

  • Pauline

    FINN HUDSON CAN’T SING? You must be KIDDING me..

    • Shemira Jones

      He can’t sing. The actor who played him can’t sing. He is an autotuned douche.

  • Korynn

    Ok so I’m a little late on reading this and hope everyone sees it. I may be the only one but I seriously lovvvveeeee Roman Godfrey. I think he is so caring towards his sister and the pregnant girl, whose name I forgot. Plus if you lost your only damn friend wouldn’t you freak out. That is his only friend he has ever had. I don’t agree with him raping the girl ( which basically he raped all the girls because he can control them with his eyes). I know this is mean of me but I hated his mom. I love Roman so much that I thought it was amazing when he killed his mom and not the baby. LOVE YOU ROMAN!!!!!!! <3<3

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  • ellen

    I might just mention, for the sake of argument – every single character on this list (except april from grey’s who annoys everyone) is a man. Interesting.

  • KK

    Henry, YESSS. Oh my gosh this is probably the best thing I’ve ever found.. I’m so glad I am not alone in my absolute hatred for him. Bless

  • Anna DiPerna

    I totally agree with Henry from Once Upon a Time! I wish they would kill his character off or send him to a portal or make him grow up suddenly so they can get a new actor!

  • Lily Deryabina

    Seriously??? Fin Hudson and Henry Mills???? Really? WTF?